Remote (Off-Campus) Access to Online Resources


Library, Documentation and Information Science Division of the Indian Statistical Institute, subscribes to several of the scholarly resources through online mode. The seamless off-Campus access to several of these resources is facilitated to the faculty members and students of the institute using the RemoteXs platform. It allows designated members of the institute to access licensed online resources through official email-id and password. In case of any query, kindly reach us at:

Remote access facility of ISI

ISI Off-Campus Access to online Journals, Databases, and e-Books:

Accessing licensed online resources (like journals, databases, and e-Books) from off-Campus doesn’t work as seamlessly as on-Campus because the online resources aren’t able to recognize that you are an ISI affiliated user. For example, going straight to download something from scopus (say, citation data) won’t give you relentless access, unless you authenticate 'you as a member of the ISI Library' (may be through official email-id: or something like VPN).

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Installing a VPN client will allow you to securely connect to databases and other online resources from any off-campus location by routing your activity through the campus network. Once connected, the VPN client will let you operate in the same way you would if you were on campus.