Frequently Asked Questions

Who is authorized to use the ISI Library?

All students, researchers, faculty members, and staff of the Institute are authorized to use the Library. Student alumni, retired staff, visiting faculties, academic collaborators, council members, government representatives, and interested academicians also have the privilege to use the Library. However, for availing of the borrowing facilities, users need to enroll themselves as library members on fulfilling the requisite procedures.

How can an outsider use the Library?

The students, faculty members of the Universities/ Colleges, and individuals affiliated with academic institutions or industries can use the Library. They are requested to contact the Library (Circulation Unit) for seeking permission for temporary (limited days), annual, or lifetime membership.

Can I bring personal books, laptops, and other reading materials to the Library?

Yes, the library members are allowed to bring their personal books, laptops, and other reading materials to the Library. But they have to produce those items for a record at the Check-point while entering into the Library.

Is there any penalty (fine) for late return or damage, misuse, loss of library materials?

Yes, @ 1-Rupee per day fine will be calculated (after the loan period is over) for each of the borrowed items from the Library. Other penalties may also be imposed as per the rules & regulations of the Library. The calculated fine amount can be relaxed or waived, if sufficient and valid reasons are found to be due behind the Cause.

How can I pay Library dues?

Library dues can be paid in the Cash-counter of the Accounts Section (Administrative Building) from 11:00 AM up to 2:00 PM in any Working days of ISI.

I have lost my Library Card, what I should do?

You, please report to the Librarian as well as Library Circulation Counter immediately after the loss. Then you may contact the Membership Desk for a new one following the guidelines of generating Replacement Card. We also entertain the reporting of any loss or abuse of a Membership Card via Email to the Librarian at library@isical.ac.in

Can I get a plagiarism-check facility without being a Member of the Library?

Yes, anyone can get that facility on a payment basis, but a temporary membership at the time of service delivery is cordially requested by the Library.

How can I recommend a subscription of books, journals, reports in the Library?

An authorized member can submit his/her request(s) for the subscription of resources (in print or electronic format) to the Chief Librarian. Request through email can also be made. ISI researchers may consult with their mentors/ guides/ HoDs prior to recommend for purchasing the authoritative sources of information (e-journals, databases, datasets, special materials) and then submit the same to the Chief Librarian. It may, however, be noted that the Library can subscribe to the resources as per the availability of the Fund.

I have lost a book that I borrowed from the Library, what I have to do?

You have to report to the Library (circulation desk) for statutory control over the lost document, then you are requested to replace it with the same (or latest) edition along with a fine amount to process the Book further. However, you may be advised to take action case to case basis (as applicable).

Can I renew a borrowed book without visiting the Library?

Yes, you can renew the book (that you have borrowed) by sending a request email to renew@isical.ac.in mentioning your name (Member ID) and name of the book (Accession No) for necessary action. Maximum two consecutive renewals are allowed for each borrowed item (if not reserved by others).

How can I renew (extend) the Library membership for another term?

Coming soon...

If you have further questions regarding membership-dues or becoming a member, please contact the ISI Member Services Desk at library@isical.ac.in or 033-2575-2109. We are available to assist you Monday to Friday, 10:30 AM–5:30 PM.