Periodicals Unit


Information Storage & Retrieval Unit (ISRU)

Brief Overview:

The idea of transforming documentation activities into modern information services has been mooted by the ISI Library in 2004. Shri Arup Roychoudhury, the then in-charge of the Library duly proposed to reinstate the Documentation Unit as the Information Storage and Retrieval Unit (ISRU). Indeed he envisioned the admiring glances of its functions to advance the library practices in a better way. However, the formal recognition of ISRU had been channelized by the then Library-Chairman (Professor Dipankar Dasgupta) through a document namely Vision-2020. Even the deployment of an Assistant Librarian (Mrs. Bhomra Chatterjee) to plan out the functions of ISRU had been initiated with a futile attempt, as she was on the verge of her retirement. Since then, the Unit was in suppressed condition, perhaps due to a long gap in the Chief-Librarian position.

Ultimately, the Unit has become operative with the initiation of the newly appointed Chief Librarian & Head of the Library Division (Dr. Kishor Chandra Satpathy). It started functioning in January 2020 to accommodate newer service bouquets for the advancement of library practices in a modest way. It is, however, intended to integrate the functions of different Units with the ultimate goal of elevating how the Library services are managed and valued.

The Unit is supposed to grow with a great variety of demands from aspiring researchers of the Institute. Thus one can presume that it will have a far-reaching impact on the development of library services in the years to come.

Functional Structure:

This Unit is currently having only one full-time staff with no supporting hands. Though, a few have been deployed ‘as and when required’ basis; but, such a deployment is neither worthy nor practicable to boost the improvement of a newly established unit. However, the following works are initiated to kick off the functions of this Unit. Details of the job functions are yet to be defined. Nevertheless, a physical set-up with proper infrastructure is essential to gear up the functions of the Unit in a modest way. Primary, it was envisaged that the Unit would be enabled with the following personnel:

WPDT-2023 Poster
Staff-structure of ISRU


ISRU Activities:

ISRU is currently working on retreiving, collecting and analysing the information based on the resarch data.


Futuristic Plan:

Currently, the following activities of the Unit would be a pleasure to the Library but extremely depends on the call of the day. We welcome your constructive opinions and suggestion toward improving the futuristic plans and other issues for the betterment of this Unit. 


IRINS Instance for ISI:

  • Creation and coordination
  • Profile update and integration
  • System maintenance & indexing.
  • Follow-up actions to researcher queries.
  • Boost to create (utilize) academic identities

Content Management:

  • Planning of a framework.
  • Set up the navigation menu.
  • Creation & crafting of contents.
  • Technical setup and hyperlinking.
  • Update/maintenance & marketing of info.

Digital Archiving & Management:

  • Creation of communities.
  • Customization of the Interface.
  • Metadata development & archiving.
  • Metadata transformation & reviewing.
  • Establishing integrity and interoperability.

Generation of Discovery Service:

  • Finding a single-window solution.
  • Synchronization of the info-resources.
  • Metadata harvesting and SFX utilities.
  • Uniform access & Web-scale discovery.
  • Compliance with other systems/ services.

Research Data Management:

  • Render services of Micro-census data.
  • Support to Research Data Management
  • Acquisition and curation of research data
  • Support to Reference-mang using Mendeley.

Plagiarism Check:

  • Making provisions of the Service.
  • Creation of user accounts & control.
  • Fixing up the scope and Service cost.
  • Initiation of checking and also reporting.

Institutional Records:

  • Curation of Patent-records/ etc.
  • Compilation of Lib-publications/ etc.
  • ‘Research In Progress’ at the Institute.
  • News-clippings service related to the ISI.  

ILMS Integration:

  • MARC record integration for eBooks.
  • Implementation of Mobile App for Lib.
  • Inventory control of Lib Hard/Software.
  • Online suggestion with approval workflow.