For membership (or access to library) one has to submit a proof of identity, and current residential address proof document that has to be submitted to the In-charge of Circulation Unit. Proof of identity can be any current official document that gives your name, profession, course name & academic session (if applicable) and address of the Institute. Proof of current residential address may be Voter-card, current electricity bill, driving license, recent bank statement, pension book, etc. One can download the Membership Form.

To join the ISI Library one has to apply for one of the membership categories:

  • Internal Membership (Free): Staff, Research Associates, Visiting Scientists, Research Scholars, Students, Project Linked Staff and Office Bearers of the Institute are automatically eligible for membership of the Institute Library and without any subscription fee. However, they have to apply for membership. Only full-time staff of the Institute are exempted from the payment of security deposit.

  • Open Learning Membership (Fee-based): Any user, who is only interested to consult documents in the Library and like to avail other services for a short-span, must hold a valid Open Learning Membership Card (as Floating member). The validity of these Cards is limited to 30 days with a provision of prolongation by permission.

  • External Membership (Public Access): If so interested, common people having academic and research needs, may apply for the Premium Membership. If approved by the Library Authority, the concerned individual has to pay an annual subscription fee and the refundable interest-free security deposit accordingly based on the privileges s/he like to avail. Any institute or organization can also be a member of the Library on payment of an annual subscription fee as well as a security deposit.

  • ISI-Society Membership: Authorized members of the ISI Society Council are automatically eligible for the library membership by virtue of their Council Membership. However, they have to apply for membership with or without a library subscription fee. Life-members of the Council are exempted from paying the library subscription fee, but the payment of refundable security deposit is applicable to both Ordinary and Life-members.

By the act of using any facility of the Library, a user agrees to abide by the rules and regulations framed by the Institute. S/he has to follow the policy guidelines (as adopted by ISI) and academic ethos to avoid unethical practices. Additional charges may be applicable for special service demands.

Please consult to the corresponding service desk, or In-charge of the respective service unit; otherwise call us at +91-(033) 2575-2109 for more information.

Library hours: Monday to Friday (10:00 – 18.30 hours). The Library is completely closed on Institute Holi-days (including Saturdays and Sundays).

Privileges: the following information entails on the privileges of various membership types.

Membership type


Retention period

Subscription Fee



ISI Staff, Project Linked Staff, Students, Research Scholar/ Associates, Visiting scientists and Office Bearers of the Institute.

As applicable*




Interested people having academic/ research needs.

One Month




Outside Students, Researchers, Trainees and Ordinary Council members of the Institute.

One Year#




Any authoritative institution, or organization, and learned societies.

One Year#




Life members of the ISI Society Council.




*No subscription fee is applicable to ISI Staff members, Visiting Scientists and Office Bearers of the ISI. A variety of entitlement is applicable for students, scholars, and faculties of the Institute.

#Premium, Institutional, and Life-members are entitled to borrow a maximum of two (2) books at a time on payment of interest-free security deposit only. To get Life-membership one has to be a member of the “Society Council of ISI” for a lifetime.