Sankhya, the Indian Journal of Statistics

A house journal of the Indian Statistical Institute (co-publishes with Springer).

Sankhya, the Indian Journal of Statistics is the official publication of the Indian Statistical Institute. This quarterly journal publishes research articles in the broad areas of Theoretical Statistics, Applied Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, and Probability. Each year the Journal is published in two Series. Series A, published in February and August, primarily covers Mathematical Statistics and Probability. Series B, published in May and November, primarily covers Applied and Interdisciplinary Statistics. In case of overlapping topics, the applied and theoretical flavors of the paper are considered to determine the appropriate series. It offers research in Theoretical Statistics, Applied Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, and Probability. February and August issues cover Statistics and Probability, May and November issues present applied and interdisciplinary statistics.

The ISI Library offers an exchange program of this Journal with academic institutions and learned societies. For details about the Exchange Program, please contact to Chief Librarian at 

Sankhya, Series A, publishes original, high-quality research articles in various areas of modern statistics, such as probability, theoretical statistics, mathematical statistics, and machine learning. The areas are interpreted in a broad sense. Articles are judged on the basis of their novelty and technical correctness.

Sankhya, Series B, primarily covers applied and interdisciplinary statistics including data sciences. Applied articles should preferably include analysis of original data of broad interest, novel applications of the methodology, and development of methods and techniques of immediate practical use. Authoritative reviews and comprehensive discussion articles in areas of vigorous current research are also welcome.


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