Circulars & Orders


CIRCULAR Issuing office Title
  CAF/6-8a/21 Adoption of MACP
  D.O. Contribution to Medical Insurance
  D.O. Policy decision of the benevolent fund disbursement
  F&A Payments made to Non Resident Indian
  CAF/O.L./(1) Official Language Act & Rule - Qtly. Progress Report
  CAF/O.L./(1) Nomination of Staff-member to do the work  of Hindi
  D.O. Service Tax applicable with Registration Fees
  CAF/2-2-9 Merge Disbursement Locations
  CAF/O.L./(10)/Cir. Use of O.L. Hindi
  CAF/O.L./(1)/Cir. Annual Prog. 15-16 of transacting Official Work in. Hindi
  CAF/O.L./(9)/Cir. Use of Official Language Hindi- Annual Evaluation Report
  CAF/O.L./(9)/Cir. Uploading of Proforma for all Hindi Reports
  CAF/24-7 Conferences / Workshops organised by ISI

New Centre

  R.C. Bose Centre for Cryptology and Security
Travel CAF/3-6 T.A. Rules - Implementation of 6 CPC
  CAF/22-3 Air Travel on Official Account
  CAF/2-2 Journeys by private airlines (LTC)
  CAF/2-2-5D Relaxation of travel by air to visit N.E.R. (LTC)
  D.O. Travel Grants & Air Tickets
  D.O. Policies supporting Student Travel
    Air fare not permitted for Students & Research Scholars from Plan Budget. 
Hire Car CAF/15-1 Rate contract of hired vehicle
NPS Committee  D.O. Consultation Committee of NPS
E-Governance D.O./2016 E-governance monitoring Committee of ISI
Ethics Committee  D.O./2015 Protection of research risks to Humans
Telephone D.O. Telephone Reimbursement  Facility
Honorarium D.O. For External Experts
Leave D.O. Guidelines for Non-Statutory Leave Rules
Loan CAF/3-14 Purchase of Motor Cycle
  CAF/3-14 Purchase of Motor Cycle Corrigendum
  CAF/13-2(B) Purchase of PC by the employees
Consultancy  Rule D.O. Consultancy Projects by Scientific Workers/ Faculty
Promotion D.O. Faculty & Equivalent Category (Guidelines)
Purchase D.O. Place Purchase Indents within January
  D.O. Rate contract with HP India for all HP cartridges

New Rate contract 2015 for all HP cartridges

  D.O. Purchase of Books, Journals etc for CPDA.
  D.O./2015 Guidelines for use of CPDA
  D.O. Purchase other items
    Computer Purchase through committee  
Recruitment D.O./2017/110 Recruitment Rules for Faculty Members 
Salary CAF/6-8 Annual Increment, CCS(RP)
Advertisements CAF/2-2-1 Newspapers empanelled with DAVP
Medical D.O. Reimbursement of outdoor medical expenses
    CGHS OM No.4-18/2005-C&F
    Group Medical Insurance Policy
  CAF/16-2 Spl. diseases allowed for treatment of Retired Workers
  CAF/3-11 Introduction of Child Care Leave (CLL)
  CAF/3-11 CLL in respect of 6-CPC - Clarification
Children Education CAF/2-1-4 Grant of Children Education Assistance (CEA)
  CAF/2-1-4 CEA - Clarification 
Pension O.M. no. C14/ Revised rate of DR from 1 January 2016
  O.M. no. C518 D.R. to the Recipients of Ex-gratia payment
Attendance D.O./2015 New Attendance  recording system of ISI
Software D.O./2015 Not to use any pirated software in the Institute
Student D.O. Stipends & Contingency
  Circular Training to a candidate from other Institute
Income Tax CAF/2-2-6 Special Exemption u/s 80EE of I.T. act
Service Tax D.O. For Seminar/Workshop/Conference/Training